Ambassador Program

Welcome to Series 4

Axis Ambassador Program: A Small Group Concept

This is your group guide to the fourth of the 6-Weeks.  The goal would be to start in mid-March and end sometime in April. The goal for this series is to launch you and your family into health technology patterns for the summer.   

This Series includes: 

  • + Will help launch you and your family into the summer with better boundaries in technology.  As a group and a family you will go through our Smartphone Family Reboot. 
  • + This will take a look at your smartphone habits, how you handle your technology and how technology handles you, ultimately coming to a place of unity and understanding as a family for technology and smart phone use. 

We have provided a Leader Guide to help you with group format.  This is simply a suggestion and if you have a way that fits your group better then feel free to change.  This series also includes worksheets to be completed while watching the videos.  Feel free to print off conversation guides for group members.

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