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I wish there were 100s of groups like Axis. We are losing the next generation, and we need help from people like Axis to reach them.

- Dr. Tim Keller, Author & Speaker

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I wish there were 100s of groups like Axis. We are losing the next generation, and we need help from people like Axis to reach them.

- Dr. Tim Keller , Author & Speaker

It's worth the investment...there's less prep on our end...but still a really good tool that we are using." Andrew Marstellar, youth pastor

For a single staffer at a church, I don't have the time to do the research myself ~ these resources are a sweet win.

The number one resource I suggest to parents other than the Bible is the Culture Translator.

I love the Culture Translator because whether it's the Grammy's or the latest things on Youtube that I've never heard guys come in just explaining it and you have links to it. And all of a sudden it comes up in conversation with my kids and I'm prepared and I don't have to be the stupid or clueless parent.

- Ginger , mom of 3 teens

Parent guides don't only help parents but they help me as well. They help me stay culturally relevant. To be a student of the culture instead of critical of it.

- Tyler , Youth Pastor

I just wanted to write a quick note telling how much we appreciate all you guys are doing with Axis. We love teenagers! And we love helping them know Jesus. But as the culture keeps changing faster and faster, it is difficult to help our staff and volunteers even know what they need to know to understand the waters our students swim in. Your parent's guides are so helpful to give our people a reliable place where they can quickly get the information they need on important issues. You guys do all the research and we can trust it all the more because you have the same hearts that we have - to help teenagers know Jesus! Plus, they are packaged for parents, so we can easily email them to parents that need them.

- Mark , Director of Research and Development at Cru

Your Conversation Guides are also a great tool for our staff/volunteers. Even if they just use them to learn how to have these difficult conversations with their students, it's training that is difficult for us to offer them in any other way. And the fact that all this content is online and just a link away from our staff/vols means we can easily have conversations as teams around the material just by sending the link and saying, "read/watch this before our next meeting and let's talk about it

- Mark , Director of Research and Development at Cru

Oh, I love them. The questions are so thought provoking. I watch ten minutes of one every Wednesday and build my lessons around each.

I use them with my youth groups all the time. We used the one on drugs, the Bible, and Gossip. My teenagers especially engaged with the Gossip kit.

You’re making 8 more next year? That alone is worth the price of the All Axis Pass!

I use them with my teenagers, but when I saw you guys had Drugs on the list I thought I’d call my older son in and get his opinion. He had been an addict for almost ten years. After it was over, we asked what he thought. He loved it. He said he wished he had had it years ago. He said the humor and honesty was rare, but a fantastic way to talk about the issue. It was the first conversation of many, and now he has moved back home with us!

Yes, I have checked out a couple of conversations (Gender and Identity). Really, really good. I'm a youth pastor and came across the parent guides a couple of months ago and then saw the "conversation kits" and wanted to check those out. We have found that any resources and ways that we can engage in intentional conversations proves to be fruitful…

Just received awesome encouragement from someone in Kansas saying how much they loved the Axis films, particularly the one on suicide, which they said lead to deep vulnerability and connection in their teen group! Keep up the good work! It really makes a difference!

The CK that generated the most conversation for us thus far was Identity. Great content. Clearly connected to cultural ideas. The video also provided a way for us to ease into some of the tough conversations around gender issues as well. We've not yet used the Gender videos, but likely will do so in the coming year. We also made use of the Suicide video and it was a huge help, but only showed portions of the last half so that we could have more face to face time for processing (many of our students attend Arapahoe HS where one of the recent suicides was.) We're slotted to utilize the Leadership and Dating CK's this spring.

- Denver Lutheran Youth Group

Hey yeah so I was talking to a lady last week who has the AAP and she was talking about how much she loved the conversation kits. She also told me she and her husband watched the one on drugs with a recovering addict and apparently he told them he was blown away by how informed we were and he wished he had access to this kind of information when he was a teen, because if he had he never would have become an addict. He was so happy though that teens have access to such beautifully presented resources. hope that encourages you that you are making content that is so powerful and influential!:)

I am so grateful for all the content Axis provides to help parents disciple their kids. Your work is incredibly important and I just want to encourage you that you are making a huge difference in so many lives. We just went through the gender conversation kit (we have a 12-year-old girl) and had some great conversations. I was shocked how open my husband and daughter both were in these conversations. We've not only improved our biblical worldview and compassion for those who don't share it, but we've grown closer as a family. You especially are such a strong voice in these videos (I cried at the end of gender) and I want to make sure you know it. God bless you as you continue to be a leader for Axis or wherever He takes you.

hey, hope to write more later but I wanted to chime in and say thanks for all you and the team are doing. We just finished the Dating Conversation kit in chapel this week. We used part 1 & 2 the first week, added some of our own personal content weeks 2 and 3 and finished with the last two videos across the last two weeks of the series. It went very well. You help keep us smart and relevant and provide needed variety to our approach. Thanks again for all you are doing in support of ministry to students and being great teammates.

Okay @axisideas, these Conversation Kits just keep blowing me away...but hadn’t actually cried until the Evangelism 2.0 video. Thank you for this amazing resource

The Conversation Kit content is phenomenal. There is nothing like it. And we have nothing like it. And you have picked great topics.

- President of Right Now Media

I didn't know what to expect out of Axis. And when this youth pastor friend of mine shared the Culture Translator...I was pleasantly surprised with the parent guides and stuff like that. There is such a barrier between what the parents know and the students know. And i see the gap forming between where the students are and I are.

- Tyler , Youth Pastor

Helps me converse more knowledgeably with them especially since I'm not in the fight with them. It helps me have conversations that are critical to the students spiritual walk.

- Tyler , Youth Pastor

The resources has been helpful to clarify what I am going to say to my kids and helped clarify my thoughts on things. Axis helps me explain how kids nowadays are thinking and are influenced, so I don't have to sound old fashioned. I am able to come at topics with less panic....I don't have to be afraid of any topics. The topics are there and they are discussing them at school already and I can be ready to discuss anything, sexuality or drugs, and come at it with a calm and knowledgeable way of talking to them ~ not talking down to them but having a conversation with them.

- Ginger , mom of 3 teens

My 13 year old just had a falling out with all her friends. I will share a win, as she dealt with the really hard of her friend scenario she still communicated really well with her Dad and I, and trusted us for advice. I really attribute the built up trust between us to tips and tricks I’ve gotten from Axis.

- Becky , mom of a 13 y/old girl

My daughter's best friends just came out as gay and I actually found out before her. My time with Axis allowed me to take a step back and not act like a crazy mom. I was able able to talk with my daughter to encourage her into relationship while still taking a look at God has to say. I won't be a good example to my daughter if react with fear.

- Ginger , mom of 3 teens

Axis is a great resource for parents in a world of constant technological and cultural change because its faithfulness to true Christian values and the dynamic way in which they incorporate teen and pop culture, latest research and practical information.

- Miriam , mom in TX

I wish there were 100s of groups like Axis. We are losing the next generation and we need help from people like Axis to reach teenagers.

- Dr. Timothy Keller
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