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What Is The All Axis Pass?
  •  Access to EVERY Digital Resource Axis Has To Offer
  •  PDFs, Videos, Guides, Summits, Conversation Kits, Email Updates
  •  A Guided Axis Experience with Tips and Tricks on How To Use Each Resource
  •  Every NEW Product for 12 Months Straight To Your Membership Account
Why Do I Need It?

Dr. Jean Twenge asked in her recent article in The Atlantic Magazine, Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? Today's teens spend roughly 11-hours per day online via their smartphone, computer, etc., and it's changing how they see themselves and the world around them

It's hard to know how to start conversations with your teens when they feel like they live in this alternative universe. 

That's where we come in ...
To train you to spot cultural trends, start conversations, and interpret culture through the lens of Biblical Christianity. 
3 Easy Steps

JOIN the conversation culture is already having through the Culture Translator Premium 
  •  Weekly Culture Translation 
  •  Pop Culture, Teen Culture, Technology 
GUIDE the conversation through Parent Guides and the Summits
  •  This is on-going conversation about "What's Happening Right Now?"
  •  Timeless wisdom and advice about Parenting, Theology and Philosophy 
DEEPEN the conversation through Conversation Kits
  •  The Freshest Worldview Content, Streamed Directly to Your Living Room
  •  Gives Framework To Dive Deep with Your Teen on BIG Topics 
Pick the pass that fits your needs!
The Family Pass is made for you to use all resources with your family.

Designed for small groups to share Axis resources with less than 50 people.

Built specifically for larger groups. Share any resources with your group of more than 50 people.
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What Resources are Included?
The Culture Translator Premium is an email delivered every Friday to your inbox. It's a highly-curated list of 15+ changes in student culture that happened in the past week! Skim our research for 2 minutes, or explore for half an hour to understand your students’ world weekly. 
Each summit has an amazing lineup of Godly experts who care about your teens and building lifelong faith in the next generation! They want to help you, as a parent or faith leader build the bridge between you and your teen by providing expertise and wisdom with practical applications. There are 2 summits released every year each focused on different, relevant topics. You will have access to every past + new summit. 
Talking about issues like smartphones, eating disorders, Snapchat, video games, and sexting with teens can be scary and complicated. But it doesn't have to be! Parent Guides help you understand the things your teens face, how to have conversations about them, and how to biblically disciple your teens into lifelong faith through it all. A new guide is released each week that you can download as a PDF at any time, but please remember that your subscription is for a "family" level use, as of now.
Conversation Kits take a deep look at BIG topics that teens are asking about. They speak the language of teens and utilize the mediums students love to get them thinking about what truly matters. There are 3 Collections with 4 topics in each. The All Axis Pass gives you access to all 12 topics + any new Collection that is launched in 2018. 
Get Everything Axis has to offer to Join, Guide, and Deepen the Conversation with Your Teen!
100% Money Back Guarantee
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