Word of Life and Axis have partnered to give you the All Axis Pass at a discounted price for your church!

Keep reading to find out what the All Axis Pass is and how you can use it for your ministry.

Imagine overhearing your kid say something that sends you into a panic.

Now, imagine a friend with ageless parenting wisdom who also understands teen culture better than anyone.

Finally, imagine this friend is there with the answers to your parenting struggles – at the moment of your panic.

Axis would like to be your new friend!


The All Axis Pass gives you access to all Axis digital resources in 1 yearly subscription.

  • + Every Digital Resource Axis Has To Offer
  • + A guided experience through Axis’ plethora of resources so you will know the Trends, Topics, Teachers, and Themes of the next generation's world.
  • + Translation of teen culture to start a lifelong conversation about the things that matter.

With the Word of Life and Axis partnership you can get this $249 value for only $99 for an entire year for your ministry! Just email Word of Life at and we will get in touch with you about this details.

What Resources Are Included?

The Culture Translator Premium

Keep up with base level awareness of what teens are doing and talking about online + in the real world is exhausting because it changes so fast!
Don't fear the world or culture any longer but embrace what is in front of you and where God is leading you with the Culture Translator Premium.
  • +Delivered Every Friday
  • + 10 Curated Topics that are relevant to your Teenager
  • + You will get a window into the culture of your teen.
  • + Be able to start conversations about current trends.
  • + Show your teen you are paying attention

Total Value of the Culture Translator Premium:

$5 per month x 12 months = $60

Axis Parent Guides

Talking with your teen can be tough, especially if you’re feeling a growing disconnect. It doesn’t even have to be a ‘super serious’ conversation - just something, anything more than: “How was your day?...” “Fine.”

Know how to discuss relevant topics with Parent Guides.

  • +10-15 page PDFs that dive into a specific topic so you can learn how it influences your teen.
  • + Understand the things your teens face, why they are important to your teen, how to start a conversation about it and how to biblically disciple your teens through the lenses of big, daunting topics.
  • + A new guide is released each week that you can download as a PDF at any time.
  • + Don't live in the dark anymore. Be informed and be ready to talk to your teen about the things they experience everyday.
  • + Gain confidence to address each issue with a simple PDF.

Total Value of Parent Guides:

$3.99 per guide x 85 = $340

Axis Summits

Featuring over 200 different interviews from amazing teachers like Dr Paul David Tripp, David Platt, Dr. Kathy Koch, Dr. Meg Meeker, Dr. Timothy Keller and so many more who can speak into your parenting/discipling journey and come alongside you.

Know how to discuss relevant topics with Parent Guides.

  • +An archive of over 200 interviews from Faith Leaders, Authors, Experts, and Counselors who will challenge and encourage your thinking.
  • + Godly experts who care about your teens and provide wisdom with practical applications.
  • + Learn from these amazing 30 minute interviews to grow as a parent/leader.
  • + Each interview will help you understand culture and our world in new ways.
  • + 1 new summits released every year each focused on different, relevant topics. You will have access to every past plus each new summit.


  • + Downloadable audio files of each interview
  • + Downloadable video files of each interview
  • + An action guide with discussion questions, summaries and key ideas for each interview
  • + Access to all past and new interviews for an entire year

Total Value of Axis Summits:

$179 per summit x 5 = $895

30-Day Smartphone Family Reboot

The 30-Day Smartphone can be another amazing teacher to help you navigate the 3,000 voices often coming from your teen's smartphone.

  • +Have the tools you need to build trust with your teen and create a healthy relationship with them and their smartphones.
  • + One Email. Every Day. For an Entire Month: There will be more information, practical application, and encouragement along this difficult journey.
  • + Smartphone Settings: Practical guidance for how to set up your teens' smartphone for their protection and success.
  • + A Family Plan: At the end of the 30 days, you will be ready for a family meeting about smartphones.
  • + Effective: No matter the ages... This reboot will help you communicate and plan for their phones!

Total Value of Smartphone Reboot:

= $99

Conversation Kits

The big and daunting conversations caring adults like you DEEPLY desire to have with your child can seem overwhelming and terrifying to talk about. But Conversation Kits can help you start these conversations on all types of topics from pornography to social media to prayer.

  • + Take the deepest look at BIG topics that your teen is asking about or experiencing with these 40 - 50 minutes videos.
  • + Each kit speaks the language of teens and utilize the mediums students love to get them thinking about what truly matters.
  • + 16 topics currently available with 7 to 9 new topics released each year.
  • + Show teens how faith is relevant to every aspect of their lives using what they love to engage them with deep biblical truth and help you start great conversations.
  • + Effective: No matter the ages... This reboot will help you communicate and plan for their phones!

Total Value of Conversation Kits:

$20 per topic x 16 = $320

Just What Does My License Allow Me to Do?

  • Share individually?
    Yes! Print out PGs, email CKs, have a Parents Night and watch a Summit interview.
  • Put resources directly on our website?
    Yes! If your member’s website access is through a password protected page. These resources cannot be discoverable via a web search and must be behind a protected “wall.”
  • Share in our newsletter?
    Yes! If it is something people have to sign up for, not just a page on your website.
  • Share with my members via Google Drive/Drop Box?
    Yes! As long as it is a password protected or private shareable link
  • Share resources on Facebook/Instagram?
    Yes! If it is private group and not a public group.
  • Post resources on our church or organization App?
  • Give out my login information to Org members?
    No. For security reasons this is not a good idea. Once the login information is out of your hands, you lose control of following our licensing guidelines.

You can get ALL of these resources plus more with the Axis Org Membership!
And because the Word of Life and Axis partnership you can get this $249 value right now for only $99 for an entire year for your ministry!” Just email Word of Life at and we will get in touch with you about this details.

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