Snapchat Guide

Why are teens so obsessed with Snapchat?! And what do they even do on it? This guide will help you better understand the app itself, why it’s appealing, and how to have conversations about it with your teens.

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Virtual Music Festivals Are Taking Over | May 22, 2020

Three Things This Week 1. Socializing for Senior Citizens  What it is: Some Atlanta high schoolers have started a new service to help older people find comfort and community during social distancing. Why it’s beautiful: Sometimes, unprecedented circumstances beget unprecedented kindness. Instead of focusing on what they’ve lost or how their lives have been disrupted, … Continue reading “Virtual Music Festivals Are Taking Over | May 22, 2020”

One Conversation Results

Looking at Trends This section helps you see how being aware of current teen culture trends affects how you disciple the teenagers in your life. {{69188622__COL$BR}} Recommended Resources Culture Translator from Axis Every Friday you will have the latest in teen culture delivered to your inbox. Read the entire email in 10 minutes or less. … Continue reading “One Conversation Results”